Luxury Massage

Mahatma Gandhi once said about the Western civilization that we could tell the time but we never had any of it… in our massage centre you will be able to stop time, at least for that hour you will spend being treated.

“Wonderful” has been funded by two people who share the same passion for the Eastern world.
The knowledge and study of Oriental disciplines have made us get together and develop holistic-tantric-yoga techniques (HTY) aimed at restoring self-focus and self-awareness, by realigning our energy systems in order to replace “instant gratification” with the “mindfulness of a prolonged experience”

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From the skin to the heart

Wonderful Luxury Massage will take you into a new dimension, far from the daily grind, where the relaxation of the body goes hand in hand with the well-being of the soul.

What are the benefits of massages?

First of all a good massage can relieve muscle tensions and reduce stress. The rubbing of the skin causes the movement of liquids that favour the elimination of toxins and, as a consequence, the improvement of the immune system.



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